Spare parts for diesel and electric locomotives for Mongolia

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The company «Rostekheksport» (Russia) specializiruetsya in the supply of spare parts for locomotives and spare parts for electric locomotives. With us You can always buy spare parts for diesel locomotives TEM and TGM and electric locomotives VL. This is not a complete list and if its only a little bit, then come in and spare parts for diesel locomotives 2ТЭ-10M, TEM-2, TEM-7, TEM-2U, TGM-4 (A,B) and similarly for electric locomotives VL-10, VL-80, PEI-1. In principle, You can always ask the us and other parts that are used on the Railways of Mongolia.

But spare parts for diesel locomotives and electric locomotives offer many, and what is the strength of our company compared to competitors? Well, not meet with a very modest list of our advantages:

  • We will provide delivery of the desired parts in the city of Ulan Bator or Zamyn-Uude with unicomarine speed;
  • Our prices for spare parts not always, but often surprising. Don’t believe — call!
  • In dealing with us You will not get a headache — all very clearly, precisely and securely;
  • We are not standing still and is constantly expanding its product range, its capabilities;
  • We do not zorganizowana company. The human factor is one of our main advantages.
  • To his work we fall in love. And the chef is happy to cook, cereal is always delicious, isn’t it?
  • Our phone is multi-channel. Call now +7 (812) 386-1149.

Supply of spares for diesel and electric locomotives fast and reliable — these are the main principles of the company «Rostekheksport». Our managers are qualified enough to properly and thoroughly advise You on the interested parts, from relays and contactors for locomotives of various models. With a conscience we don’t play and only supply quality products. To send the needed spare parts for the locomotives in the city of Ulan Bator or Zamyn-Uude we can by any mode of transport — right down to hand-delivery by our courier to your office.

Not to teach You that the modern locomotive is a very complex machine consisting of many nodes. That’s why it is better to have one reliable supplier than a lot of «suitable». We offer You to work with our company — OOO «Rostekheksport» from Russia. You will receive the desired spare parts for diesel and electric locomotives, quickly and without a headache!

We work with different regions of Mongolia including Ulan Bator or Zamyn-Uude. This allows You to solve your production problems in optimal time. This will help our skilled professionals. We are glad to cooperate with your company!


To order a part for a diesel or electric locomotive


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tel. +7 925 001-0213, +7 (812) 386-1149 (Fax)